Jun. 15th, 2006


Jun. 15th, 2006 05:42 pm
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So, which one of you made Frost angry enough to warrant my being hired? Come on. Out with it. Because I really don't see any of you willingly signing up for 'pouring out your soul' time.

I'm Sofia Mantega-Barret and I'll be Snow Valley's psychotherapist.

Grounds rules;
a) you are all required, if you want to keep your positions, to see me. I am required to keep all of you on the same plateau or lower of your mental sanity. That means, if you decide that you’re too good to talk to me for an hour every other week, I will knock you unconscious and tie you to the couch. It will in no way be sexy. I don’t get paid if you’re all crazy.
b) I don't work for any of you. Just to be clear. That's not to say you work for me, either, though.
c) my office is my office. My office is not my bedroom, lounge, kitchen, etc. You are not to tell me the story of how your dog was run over by a bus which stemmed your deep hatred of society anywhere other than my office, especially if you want it to count towards your clocked time. I don’t care what the other guy did, I do not want to be associating my duvet cover with canine entrails. I will consider, in special circumstances, impromptu sessions outside of my personal area.
d) I am not a doctor. I don’t have a code of ethics.

If you could get the comments about my needing to get laid over with in a speedy manner, I’d be grateful. I just had a horribly long flight followed by a non-existent fruit basket, followed by learning that I seem to be living in enchantment under the sea land, after all.

You’re all welcome to my paint chips when I’m finished. And some scented candles.


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