Jun. 22nd, 2006 12:57 pm
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You will all be very grateful to hear that I have finally found myself a decent acupuncturist. As a side benefit, his wife dabbles in yoga and has let me in on a small park where she practices. I admit to missing a yard, grass, trees. Breathable air.

If anyone would like to join me when I go, that would be all right. So long as you’re quiet.

I picked up some fresh bread and flowers for the lobby on the walk home. Oddly enough, not at the same place, but I suppose that’s France. If you can all wait a little while, I’ll be whipping up a late lunch, although, I wouldn’t say no to someone with chopping expertise. Try to think of it this way: at least you’d know I wasn’t slipping Prozac into the meal.

Also, a reminder that we’re at the halfway mark for the two-week shrink meet. If you have not booked an appointment or seen me by now, and live in this building, with the exception of the gentleman with the broom, I suggest you get moving, world will end if I don't do this or no.

Does this place have a ‘must have this many issues and a nicotine addiction to enter’ sign around here that I missed? I’m just curious.
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